No Cost. Unlimited Number of Properties. 

Renovating or managing multiple properties is challenging work. HomDNA is a FREE solution that makes dealing with more than one property much easier, from maintenance to record keeping to renovations and more. Save time, keep tenants or investors happy and manage your multi-property responsibilities anytime, anywhere with HomDNA.


Maintenance Made Manageable.

From preventive maintenance to digital uploads of room photos, we'll help you store all your warranties, appliance manuals and alert you to safety recalls. Connect with professionals sourced by the top home advisor rating sites in one app: not by several website searches.


Capture and Store each Property's DNA.

Having a digital "before and after" gallery with photos and floor plans is great for demonstrating a home's condition after a renovation or after a tenant moves out. And with HomDNA, you'll keep track of the value of the home and its local market trends. . . 

Digitally Organize Your Properties

Access Docs and Info Anytime, Anywhere.

Store an unlimited number of documents, like leases, receipts, inspection reports, and floor plans in your HomDNA. Easily share with investors, residents or others like realtors, new home buyers or tax professionals.