Lending a Hand to Mortgage Lenders.

Mortgage lenders know borrowers are increasingly interest rate and web-search driven. Too often, loyalty goes out the window when their mortgage customers need an equity loan or decide to refinance. In fact, on average, originators win additional business a mere 25% of the time. Not a great stat for the bottom line or loan officers!

In today’s digital and fickle environment, lenders need new avenues of promise beyond the mortgage. Any difference a lender offers in experience or value is a tangible advantage. 

HōmDNA represents that difference and advantage for lenders, loan officers and homeowners.


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Digitized Appraisals and Delivery

Digitize a critical - yet traditionally painful - part of the closing: the appraisal delivery. Offer a Digitiized Appraisal Summary as a welcome alternative to a 30+ page PDF.

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Constant and Relevant Contact with Borrowers

Extend relationships with homeowners well past closing and ensure future outreach is relevant and appreciated. A great way for loan officers to stay in contact.

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Easy Workflow and System Integration. Your Brand too.

Integrate HomDNA easily into your pre-close process and loan origination system (LOS). We'll brand the app to your lender brand for constant exposure.