Technology for a well-run home


Founded in 2013, we are a team of business, real-estate and tech experts devoted to the idea that homeownership can and should be easier.  

We accomplish this by giving homeowners a free digital tool to stay organized and informed on all things involving their home.  


We’d like to share a few benefits that will help you manage your home with much less stress.

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View a monthly Market Valuation on your home.

This includes:

- Your House Price Index
- Your Assessed Value
- Your Last Purchase Price
- Comparables in Your Area


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Store important documents and pictures for your home.

This includes: 

- Access to your all your home's important docs,  photos, floor plans and construction materials

- Catalog your appliances, warranties and product manuals



Send service requests for specific issues you are having with your home and we will identify top Pros in your area.

This includes:

- A curated directory of Pros from your local area

- Easily share equipment specifications with your Pros


Get more out of your home with our mobile app.


What's your home worth?

HōmDNA provides an updated dashboard with your home's value and local market activity.

With the app you can:

  • View recent neighborhood home sales 
  • Compare your mortgage interest rate vs. the daily national average
  • Keep track of comparable local market trends each month.

With HōmDNA, you'll know when the time is right  to refinance, get a home equity loan or sell at peak value.

It's all in the details

Organize and store your home's information and documents. We'll even populate it for you.

Easily access, upload or share:

  • Loan documents, receipts and other documents securely stored
  • The dimensions and inventory of each room of your home
  • Your appliances, warranties and product manuals
  • Keep track of expenses like capital expenditures

For a jumpstart,  upload your appraisal to HōmDNA, we will automatically populate the rooms, inventory and appraisal value for your home.  






Looking for a pro?

Always have the information you and your Pros need to manage your projects anywhere, anytime.

With HōmDNA you'll easily: 

  • Connect with local highly rated service professionals 
  • Catalog your appliances, warranties and product manuals
  • Access your home's floor plans and construction material

HōmDNA sends reminders about maintaining your home, specific to your home. We also share ongoing tips and safety recall alerts on your appliances.