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Brian Gehl

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, HōmDNA

As co-founder and CEO of HōmDNA, Brian Gehl envisioned an integrated mobile platform for homeowners to better manage their properties and documents. The inspiration for an improved home to home-owner relationship was born from more than 20 years of experience acquiring, operating, and growing residential related financial service companies.


Chad Steelberg

Chairman and Co-Founder, HōmDNA

Chad Steelberg is a visionary serial entrepreneur who has co-founded several highly successful internet software companies. As the Co-Founder and Chairman of HōmDNA, Chad handpicked the leadership team to bring the HomDNA vision to life and continues to provide seasoned guidance and expertise.

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Daniel Akiva

Chief Technology Officer, HōmDNA

Daniel brings vast experience building and guiding teams to deliver high quality software.  As CTO, Daniel has grown HōmDNA from a concept to a mobile solution that is utilized daily by homeowners. Daniel built the engineering and product teams, architected the cloud operations and APIs, and led the development of HōmDNA’s mobile platform. Prior to HōmDNA, Daniel was a Principal Architect in the Office of
the CTO at Rapid7, a security data and analytics company, where he oversaw architecture across Rapid7’s diverse portfolio of security products.

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Zack Hilton

Corporate and Business Development Executive, HōmDNA

Corporate and Business Development Executive. Zack was Global Director of Financial Services at Microsoft where he helped launch technology products throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Before Microsoft, Zack was an EVP at a technology firm that completed a successful IPO and another financial services start-up purchased by Intuit.