Your home is your biggest investment. And a dream come true.

Then there's the dishwasher leak. Finding that appliance manual. Painting the lime green wall. Finding receipts for taxes. Wondering how you missed the dryer recall.

HomDNA is a digital app for homeowners to stay organized and informed. With mobile tools to manage your home for free, you'll stay on top of projects and responsibilities while saving time and money. 


Home information and documents

Organize and store your home's information and documents in the digital mobile app. We'll even populate for you.

Home management and maintenance

Keep projects organized. Get custom maintenance reminders and service referrals for repairs and upkeep.       

Home and local market values 

Make informed decisions about selling or refinancing. Monitor your home's value & local market. Get a property valuation.

HomDNA makes managing my home really easy. All my important home docs and details are in one app. I'm out of the house a lot so that's no small thing.”  Chris G., Seattle, WA

What's typically in a HomDNA

  • Home Documents & Photos
  • Construction Materials & Floorplans
  • Service Professionals & Ratings
  • Local Market & Rate Info
  • Home Valuation
  • Warranties & Receipts
  • Appliance Manuals