What managing a home in 2016 looks like.

With HomDNA, you'll manage the ever-growing volume of documents, information and responsibility that goes with owning a home. With one mobile app.

Because everyone's HomDNA is unique.  Each account is personalized with your specific mortgage, property and home asset information. Never lose or hunt for a document or manual, forget to service an appliance, or lose an opportunity to refinance again. 

For as long as you own your home, HomDNA sends updates, reminders and alerts on safety and recall information, home renovation and improvement ideas, mortgage interest rates, neighborhood property values and much more.


What's in Your HomDNA?

  • Home Appraisal
  • Property Valuation
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Home Photos & Floorplans
  • Receipts
  • Local Service Providers
  • Appliance Manuals & Warranties
  • Neighborhood Property Values


HomDNA Alerts

  • Service Reminders
  • DIY and Home Improvement Ideas
  • Safety Recall Alerts
  • Tips & Tricks 

What Homeowners Say....

Keep Track of Everything.

“HomDNA is a much easier way for me to keep track of everything in my home. I got rid of that huge folder of manuals I had stuffed in a kitchen drawer.”

— Jill S., Newport Beach CA

Save $ on Home Finances.

“With HomDNA, I learned about a better mortgage rate and was able to save a ton by refinancing!”

— Jason A., Irvine CA

Easy to Maintain Home Appliances!

“I needed a new refrigerator water filter and HomDNA made it easy. I could find and order from my phone. Saved me another trip to the hardware store!.”

— Mike D., Seattle WA